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Sci Fi Drama            Episodic Series

An Aussie travel vlogger widower known for his vibrant use of Aussie slang heads home to the quirky town of Lighting Ridge with his two daughters, to finish some unsettled family business; an American pet stylist and influencer obsessed with him knows where he’s headed and travels across the ocean  and across regional Australia with her miniature poodle to “accidentally” bump into him there and start their happy forever after; a BMX team tours across Australia and stops in Lightning Ridge on their way to a tournament; a blackballed geophysicist goes public with his discovery on YouTube that the Earth faces impending doom…broadcasting from his underground bunker in Lightning Ridge, mining opals to finance his operation; his daughter visits to let him know how badly he’s screwed up hers — and her mother’s — life…

And unknowingly, they all arrive in time for a front row seat to what seems to be an all-out zombie invasion from deep within the opal mines of Lightning Ridge. 

Though classic zombieing ensues as Lightning Ridge’s battling townsfolk are attacked, bitten and converted to zombies themselves , they will soon discover the zombies are only an intermediate form of what might be the next step in humankind’s evolution: when they begin to burn, new beings emerge from their zombie skins…a race of beings that are perfected versions of their former human selves. They look and sound the same, only moreso…more beautiful, smarter, gentler, giving away their true identity only when solar flares radiate the earth, and their eyes glimmer with opalescence.

They’re the same as us, only better…and here to save the planet as a new race of non-consuming, non-destructive beings know as the Opal Sapiens. But for them to succeed, we all must become like them.