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ADRENALINE PUMP, PTY. LTD.  is a Sydney-based entertainment company founded by Matt Ferro.

Matt Ferro is a director, writer and producer, most recently a producer of the documentary feature What Will Become of Us, selling out three consecutive nights of the 2019 Sydney Film Festival, and subsequently the most attended film of the 2019 Jewish International Film Festival, with 26 packed screenings across Australia’s major cities.

He is the producer of the Academy Award-winning visual effects of The Matrix and other blockbuster films including The X-Files Movie, Alien: Resurrection, Titanic and Face/Off. In 2003 Matt, a native New Yorker, moved from Hollywood to Sydney, Australia to lead the digital development and production of the Academy Award-winning animated feature film Happy Feet, and has since made Australia his home.

Matt has written and directed several documentary short films, TV pilots and one of the image spots in the Sci-Fi Channel’s BDA-winning rebranding campaign of 2000, is internationally published on the topics of visual effects and animation, has served as a guest panelist, lecturer, keynote and university graduation speaker.

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