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Psychological Thriller             Limited Episode Series

Content and dependable Gabriel has it all: he’s married to Chloe, a beautiful and athletic dynamo way above his pay grade, who moved with him from the city back to his small beachside home town; they live in a comfortable rental home; she’s a popular aerobics instructor and he’s a respected, well-liked financial planner at the town’s local bank. But Gabriel’s world is shattered when Chloe drowns accidentally. 

Trying to pick up the pieces of his exploded life, he is swept up into the arms of a rebound relationship. It’s the first stop in a dark twists-and-turns journey of discovery…where everything isn’t what it seems…leading him to question the truths about Chloe, the people and world around him…and his very soul. 

Adapted from award-winning novelist Amélie Antoine’s best-selling 2016 French novel of the same name, #1 on The Evening Standard’s “Top 8 Psychological Thrillers to Read this Autumn” list.